martes, 15 de mayo de 2012


In 2007, the internationally famous German producer, Frank Farian became involved with Florian to work with him in Rossback Studios, Frankfurt Germany. Frank Farian and Florian join forces for the production of "Smile" and "Dangerous Man," produced in Zurich.

Florian was born in Montreal, Canada, not so long ago, he grew up in Quebec city, precisely in Levis on the south shore. He was singing even before he learned how to ride a bicycle… Former lead singer for several thrash metal band (Genocide, Dissection with whom he signs his first record contract for the Lp «Final Genocide») From the time he was a child his interests centered on literature, art and history. This contributed towards his playing folk music and the blues as he traveled from city to city like a “Bohemian-Gyspy.” After many adventures in Old Europe with his back pack and his guitar Florian decides to settle in Paris, where he lives selling poems and short stories. He sold his works in the streets, cafes and restaurants. He shared his music wherever he could. He could still be seen and heard until a couple of years ago, singing and playing his music in the metro, or wherever he could. Back In 2001 Florian was fortunate to meet Nicolas Richard a French composer/arranger, with whom he begins a collaboration in studio singing on demos for many well knowned artists in France, such as Florent Pany, Jane Birkin and many others. Their association leads to the release of the album, “Rêve de saison,” produced by Claude Cayla, in 2003. In the summer 2004, Florian is introduced by the colorfull Franky Fonell, to electro music scene, and to the young Swiss producer Chris Reece. Together they will record a few projects for Zurich area’s local DJ’s. In 2005 Florian is on the Zurich’s « Street Parade » Compilation; that year, one of the best sellers cds in Switzerland, with the track: « Feed me » (35 000 cds sold) The year after, they are on the « Street Paradise » compilation, (summer 2006) with two tracks;« Sweet sensation » and « sexy girl » Few months later, the internationaly famous german producer: Frank Farian, (Boney M., Milli Vanilli, La Bouche, Terence Trent D’Arby) after hearing the song « Sexy Girl » contacts Florian and invites him several times to the « Rossbach studios » in Frankfurt Germany to offer him the first part for his music-hall: «Daddy cool » presented in London and in Berlin… This is no problem for him to be produced by Mr Frank Farian, it's even quite an honor! but Florian is not really warm at this point for the music-hall things… They stay in touch for the whole year…but nothing concrete happened unfortunately… Though Mr Farian generously provides some substantial means to Florian to record many demo-songs with Chris Reece in his studios in Zurich…among other songs they record «Smile!» And « Dangerous man » (now both available on itunes) He also records a remix of Depeche mode “Enjoy the silence” one of the world’s biggest electro track in the year 2007.