domingo, 15 de abril de 2012


German Eurohouse group. Loft stands for 'Live Our Fathers Teaching'.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the Williams brothers came to Germany with the US Army. While in Nürnberg, they were hired to front the new project of Cyborg DMP GmbH / Nosie Katzmann already working on Captain Hollywood Project.
Their first single was "Summer Summer" in 1993. Featuring the vocals of Gina Mohammed, ex-Milli Vanilli, the song first became a hit in Europe and in Canada the following year.
"Hold On", sung by Kim Sanders, received more attention. The group Fun Factory even used the same melody for their hit single "Close To You" (1994). Remixes of "Hold On" permitted the track to survive in clubs.
Following singles "Wake The World" and "Love Is Magic" generated enough interest for an album to be produced. Vocalist Lori Hölzel AKA Lori Glori completed the opus, which fitted in the Eurodance parameters of the era.
Their second album, "Future World", was released in 1995 with Sandra Steinborn and Christiane Eiben on vocals. "Mallorca" (1996) was the last single produced by the Cyborg / Katzmann team.
Recent singles were produced by Andreas Hüging / Michael Abbing and featured the vocals of Sue.