jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012


Released in 2001, it was the cover version of the musisc group Sweet Jam.

"Pick Up the Pieces" is a 1974 song by the Average White Band from their album AWB. It was the group's most successful song, and features one of the most recognizable grooves in funk music. It is essentially an instrumental, apart from the song's title being shouted at several points in the song.

"Pick Up the Pieces" was released in the United Kingdom in July 1974 but failed to make an impression. When the album was released in the United States in October 1974radio stations started to pick up on the song, and on 22 February 1975, it went to the top of the US singles chart and peaked at number five on the soul charts.
After its US success the song charted in the UK and climbed to number six. "Pick Up the Pieces" also made it to number eleven on the US disco chart.

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