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Released: 02 Mar 1998
Artwork by H. Wegner
Lyrics by C. J. Nelson, J. Walls
Music by G. Mart
Photography by Gaby Gerster
Published by FMP Songs (Farian Music Productions). DATASHA EDWARDS collects the first musical experiences as a gospel song singer in San Francisco - at the age of seven years! After a career durchdrungenen from music in the new world she comes at the age of 23 1997 to Germany, where they(she) after their(her) first project " Shirley K. " Franc Farian gets to know which BARKS them(her) of the spot away as the second singer of MA engaged. There CHRISTINA JOHANSEN already waits, for Jamaica born and in Belgium grown up vocalist who uses their(her) both native languages on " DO IT " and has specially in the French Rap passages more sex in the smallest vocal chord than everything what we have belonged up to now. A truthful cliff in this stormy surf is James Walls a.k.a. MYSTERIOUS JAY, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., formed from the block parties and House Jams the Bronx and loved from all which have ever belonged his(its) DJing and his(its) Rhymes. After a short, but "global" army career he lands in Germany, gets to know franc Farian, Brothers in Mind and La Bouche and now gives everything to his(its) plentifully existing energy in MA BARKS. JAY is a fresh type with coolen ideas to which the varicose veins of the Gansta party would not stand at all. The fact that one has met in this configuration, the hit Scene must be considered(must apply) as an absolute lucky chance. Only these rare chances permit the creation such of magic comets like " DO IT ". If then still such an inspired video arrives like from Andras Mahr, we stand before a real whole work of art!

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Karles dijo...

Me extrañaba que no existiera un video clip de este tema.
Gracias por subirlo.
Eres un crack!!!

francisco dijo...

Biscando buscando lo encontré, es raro que no existan video de las producciones de Farian, lo que pasa es que algunas veces no se asocian con él, si hasta Ma Baker tenía video clip y no nos enteramos o al menos yo hasta años despues, como no iban a tener su correspondiente video clip producciones como Andia, Streetnoise, Ma Belle o Norissa por mencionar algunos, un saludo y decirte que tu si que eres un autentico crack ya que es muy dificil sacar casi a diario una entrada en blogs como BoneyMania o FarianMania, un saludo.

Karles dijo...

Sabes si existen de Cool & Joy, Paris Red, Joan Faulkner, Pipoca etc etc?, ya podria el señor Farian publicar en DVD todo este material casi inedito, y no tanto recopilata de Boney m.
No es dificil poner a diario alguna entrada en los blog, solo hace falta algo de tiempo (por suerte o desgracia tengo mucho), 2º voluntad de compartir y lo mas importante, amigos como tu que animen a ello.
Un abrazo