domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011


Robin McAuley covered "Eloise" in 1986, unfortunately for him, coincided with The Damned´s release of their hit version of the same song.

"Eloise" is a pop song first released in 1968. It was sung by Barry Ryan, and written by his twin brother Paul Ryan. Running for a little over five minutes and 41 seconds, it featured strong orchestration, strong vocals, and a brief slow interlude.

Robin McAuley born 20 January 1953, County Meath, Ireland is an Irish rock vocalist known mostly for his work in McAuley Schenker Group and before that Grand Prix recording 2 albums. Between the two, he had also been part of the Far Corporation.

He was part of the McAuley Schenker Group for three studio albums: Perfect Timing, Save Yourself, M.S.G., the live album Unplugged Live, which also appeared on a Japanese Television broadcast and the Japanese E.P. Nightmare: The Acoustic MSG. He also appeared recently with Schenker on a tribute to Iron Maiden singing Run To The Hills and a re-recorded version of Save Yourself for a Deadline Records compilation.

He also released the Solo album Business As Usual as a Japanese Import. As well as appearing on numerous tribute albums and 2 albums with The V-Project.

Currently, he's the lead vocalist of American AOR band Survivor.

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