domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

The Original Trinidad Steel Band-Island In The Sun

"Island in the Sun" is a song by Harry Belafonte, released by RCA Victor in 1957, written by Lord Burgess and Harry Belafonte.
In 1993 The Original Trinidad Steel Band released a cover version.
The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band, this Steelband is a twelve-piece seventies party band, consists of musicians originally from Suriname and Trinidad and apparently they had several hits in the Netherlands and Germany in the seventies. They were founded by Adolf J. Tevreden, and their manager was Joop Koekkoek, the band: Romano Veldwijk (drums/ zang), Lucien Gorré (gitaar/ zang), Lesley Hoefdraad (zang), Dennis Burke (zang), Eddy Lobo (zang/ clown), August Power (zang), Mitchel Callender (basgitaar), Steven tevreden (steelpan), Stevie B. Riley (steelpan), Kenneth tevreden (drums), Oly Olieberg (basgitaar), Eric Cheuchoi (gitaar), Erwin Bouterse (zang), Ruth Landsheuvel (zang), Glenn Hahn (percussei), Oto Rashe, Henk Wouter (steelpan) en Kenneth Goddard (componist/ steelpan/) ('Mr. Steel').
Since Surinam was still part of The Netherlands in those days, the name of the band abroad was The Original Trinidad Steel Band and released two albums as such (Beautiful Caribbean and Caribbean Steel & Show on Hansa, with Frank Farian as their producer), apart from their three Dutch albums. Their most interesting Dutch album is Funky Limbo (EMI, 1978), which was produced by Ernie Anches. Anches was also involved with various other funky Surinam acts, such as Oscar Harris, The Twinkle Stars and Thunderstorm. The preceding album Dance Dance Dance (EMI, 1976) made DRSSB a lot more rare, because it contained their international hit single January February (Calendar Song). This brought them a very busy touring schedule. Today the band is still active and consists of quite a few sons of the original members like Sticko who is the son of Dolf(Mr Satisfied)the founder of this Band.

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