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"Music" is a cover version of John Miles song.

The song "Music" was released in March 1976, became an instant hit (reaching number 3 in the UK, number 88 in the United States) and is one of his most memorable songs.

"Music" was according to Miles written in half an hour and was originally meant to be a basis for other songs, but because of its distinctive character, it was developed as a complete song.

In 1987 Peter Hofmann released his cover version.
Produced by: FAR Music-Studios, Rosbach.
Supervised by: Frank Farian
Engineered by: Tobias Freund, Bernd Berwanger, Zeke Lund, Klaus Wilcks.
Prod.-Coordination: Ingrid Segieth.
Keyboards: Pit Loew, Harry Baierl.
Guitars: Peter Weihe, Johan Daansen, Robby Musenbichler.
Bass: Dieter Petereit.
Drums: Curt Cress.
Sax. Mel Collins.
Harmonica: Benny Gehbauer.
Backing vocals: Katrin Haug, Amy and Elaine Goff, Peter Bischof, Bertl Gebhard, Bimey Oberreit, Frank Farian, The Jackson Singers.
All arrangements by: Pit Loew and Harry Baierl.
Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra.
All strings arranged by: Wolfgang Tiepold.
Recorded and mixed at FAR Music-Studios, Rosbach.

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