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Produced by Frank Farian for FMP, released in 1996, Music & Lyrics Antonello De Sanctis, Ivano Michetti, Flavio Paulin.

Anima Mia (My Soul) is the second album by pop Italian I Cugini Di Campagna, published in 1974's record label Pull .

My soul has twelve tracks, including eight coming from ' previous album . It is the band's first album that contains songs written by members of the group. Among these songs, there is also the song of the album's most successful, that my Soul (released as a single with the song Te lo dico-I'll tell you-), in time become the subject of cover songs by various international artists such as Dalida , Perry Como or Frida of ABBA (in this case the title was translated into Ett liv i solen ).

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Este disco lo tengo en dos versiones diferentes y es el mismo "Zorro y Ricky Shayne" las publicaciones de Farian siempre dejaban el "Por Que?" en el aire.