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The same crew of people that put together the "Girl You Know It's True" album released a second album overseas under the name, The Real Milli Vanilli. (This would supposedly avoid confusion with Rob and Fab, who still hadn't sung a note on record.) The U.S. media paid very little attention to the album, and I've only been able to put together sketchy details without stealing them directly from other websites.

The packaging itself shows that even overseas, nobody really paid any attention to the project: the album title is shown as "Keep On Running" on the CD spine, "Moment Of Truth" on the CD itself, and "The Moment Of Truth" on the CD insert. The group is billed as "Milli Vanilli" on the CD and the spine, and "The Real Milli Vanilli" on the front cover.

"Keep On Running" was the first single from the album, and it even cropped up on a German CD compilation, Mega Dance Party '92 (Columbia, 1992). The single entered the German charts on November 29, 1990 and peaked at #4, spending 16 weeks in the top 20. It would be the last entry on the German charts for Milli Vanilli.

"Too Late" was the second and final single from the album.

Even moreso than the first album, "Moment Of Truth" samples other recordings, and I've attempted to list the sources that I could identify. These are not listed in the liner notes, and any additional information you have would be appreciated.

Many of these songs were reworked and released without fanfare in the U.S. as by the group Try 'N' B.

Written by F. Farian-F. Reuter/Ch. Kindt
Published by FMP Songs
Lead Vocals by Brad Howell, Frank Farian
Rap by John Davis
Backing Vocals by Gina Mohammed, Joan Faulkner, Linda Rocco
Rips off: "Trans-Europe Express" - Kraftwerk, "Batdance" - Prince (Listen for "keep bustin'."), "Girl You Know It's True" - Milli Vanilli (Listen for "I'm in love with you girl.")

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Anónimo dijo...

Muy buena la foto del estudio con ese pedazo de mesa de mezclas.
Hubiese disfrutado como un marranillo en un charco estando de mirón en ese estudio cuando Frank trabajaba. Siempre me gustó la electronica relacionada con el sonido, mesas, amplificadores, ecualizdores...

francisco dijo...

No pierdas la esperanza Miguel de estar un día en donde se hizo esa foto, yo ya conozco alguno que ha estado en esos estudios, todo de madera como debe ser, un saludo y gracias...