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FRANK FARIAN MESSAGE ABOUT BOBBY FARRELL, taken Frank Farian web: www.frankfarian.com:

It is not a nice feeling when you are woken by a phone call and learn that Bobby Farrell died. My staff has spoken so quickly that I did not even know what they are talking about.

I met Bobby in 1976 at a casting in Hanover. He was a very outgoing and funny person, lively and full of energy. We looked at that time for a dancer who moves to my voice, because I did not want to be on stage. The first song for Boney M, the band that I had just founded, was ready, "Baby do you wanna bump," he said.

I can still remember our first appearance in "Record Store". Bobby had tremendous stage fright. Ironically, he, captivated all of the people . We literally had to fight to get him off the stage. Then began for us an incredible time.

And I must honestly say that Boney M without Bobby would never have been so successful. I have to thank him very much. Without Bobby, I would not be what I am today. His legs and my voice, which he has said time and again, were unbeatable together.

Even after Bobby's departure from Boney M over 20 years ago we have met from time to time - and were loving each other. Even at the time when we were fighting between us because of the rights to the Boney M name , we still fell into each others arms in the hallway of the court . We are life-long friends still. Again, this could not bring ourselves silly argument apart.

In recent years, I had unfortunately lost contact with Bobby. I would have liked the man who has done so much for me to meet again before his death. But who would have thought that he would go so early from us. Bobby was young, 61 years, but now no longer. Yet Even beyond his death Bobby and I remain united by Boney M.

Frank Farian, Miami 01/01/2011

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Gracias Francisco, Bobby se merece este homehaje y millones mas.

Un saludo

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Gracias Karles un saludo...