lunes, 11 de enero de 2010


"Yummy Yummy Song" is a cover version song recorded by German record producer Frank Farian with the group GIFT, in the new studios of Frank Farian, which are located in Miami (USA) and Nassau (Bahama Islands) and released: 30.05.2005.
Frank Farian covered this song in 1988 with the singer Kirsty Shaw.

GIFT are:
An- G, who was born in Brooklyn (New York), in 2002 she moved to Miami.
Shauna, who was born in Jamaica, but she lives in Miami.
Sherita, who was born in Frankfurt, she is daughter of American and African.
Lani from Guyana, also she lives in Florida (USA).

"Yummy Yummy Yummy" is a bubblegum pop song by Arthur Resnick and Joey Levine, first recorded by Ohio Express in 1968. Their version reached number 4 in the U.S. Pop Singles chart and number 5 in the UK Singles Chart. It has since been covered by many artists. Ohio Express was a studio concoction, and none of the "official" members appear on the record. Joey Levine sang lead vocals.

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