domingo, 17 de enero de 2010


"Tu Amor" is a 1998 song by latin group No Mercy, the song was written by the legendary songwriter Dianne Warren.

Also, Ariel and Gabriel played a very important role in creating the spanish lyrics for the song.

Marty Cintron Co- Produced this beautiful version along with producer Frank Farian who played one of the most important roles in the arrangment and the backing vocals.

This is absolutely one of Marty Cintron´s favorite No mercy songs that has now proven to be before its time.

"Tu Amor" is now one of the most played songs in the United States and is being performed by a teen latin sensation group known as RBD.

This song was also sang by JON B who did a great R&B version of this song. I hope you like it!

The video was shot at a gas station in downtown Miami, Florida in 1999.

Produced by Frank Farian.

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