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"Elephant Funk"/"In and Out" was the first double A-side single by the German pop and disco trio La Mama, which was released in January 1982, "In and Out" being the A-side on the 12" single.
Produced by Dietmar Kawohl and Mats Björklund for Frank Farian Productions.
La Mama was a discovery by the hitmaker Frank Farian, who discovered the three black beautiful women in Munich, where they worked as background singers, they were introduced to producer Frank Farian by guitarist Mats Björklund.
La Mama were:
Madeleine Davis, who studied music in New York. She worked since 1978 as a studio singer in Munich.
Cathy Bartney, who started in Los Angeles, where she worked making chorus with big stars like Elvis or Stevie Wonder.
Patricia Shockley, likewise from Los Angeles, which likewise works in Munich as a studio singer.

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