sábado, 2 de enero de 2010


"Du bist sechzehn"(You're Sixteen) is a 1974 single by the Sherman Brothers, which was instantly covered by pop singer Benny for the German market. Frank Farian was the music producer and sang backing vocals.

The single was a number 43 hit in Germany.

"You're Sixteen" was written by the Sherman Brothers (Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman). It reached number eight in the United States in December, 1960 by Rockabilly singer Johnny Burnette.

In January 1974, a cover version by Ringo Starr hit number one. The latter performance reunited Ringo Starr with his former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney. McCartney is credited on the album cover as having played the instrumental solo on a kazoo. Starr's version remains one of the few number 1 singles to feature a kazoo solo. Harry Nilsson sang backing vocals.

The original 1960 version of "You're Sixteen" by Johnny Burnette is featured prominently on the 1973 motion picture soundtrack of American Graffiti.

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