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"Bin Wieder Frei" is a German cover version of Plastic Bertrand's 1977 hit, "Ça plane pour moi" recorded by German disco singer Benny, released in March 1978. The single was a number 18 hit in Germany.

"Ça plane pour moi" is a song issued as a single in December 1977 by Plastic Bertrand. The song has the same melody as "Jet Boy, Jet Girl", recorded previously in November 1977 by Elton Motello with the same musicians. It appeared on Plastic Bertrand's 1978 album An 1. The single peaked at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100and number 8 on the UK Singles Chart.

Three re-issues were released, backed with "Pogo Pogo" on the B-side (1977-78). The song was covered by many artists, including Pigloo in 2007 (number 18 in France).

Richard Thompson performed this song; one version is available on the box set RT - The Life and Music of Richard Thompson

Sonic Youth recorded a version of this song as a contribution to the compilation album of cover versions Freedom of Choice: Yesterday's New Wave Hits As Performed By Today's Stars.

Thee Headcoatees released "Ça plane pour moi" on their 1997 album Punk Girls.

In 1993, Leila K released "Ça plane pour moi" as a double A-side single with the song "Check the Dan".

In 1996, Presidents of the United States of America released "Ça Plane Pour Moi" as a single. In 2007, this version was featured in a Pepsi commercial.

On her 2009 tour, british singer Kim Wilde included this song as part of her live concerts all through Europe.

Québécois group The Lost Fingers recorded a cover of "Ça Plane Pour Moi" with Plastic Bertrand on their 2009 album "Rendez-vous Rose."

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