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"Young, Free and Single" is a single by German band Boney M., taken from their final album Eye Dance (1985). Only a modest hit, the single peaked at number 49 in the German charts. Being a novelty record, the lyrics were about a radio talkshow for dating. Male dancer Bobby Farrell were featured in heavily disguised vocoder vocals in the verses while Reggie Tsiboe did the lead vocals on the chorus. The B-side Blue Beach was an instrumental dub version.

The 7" mix, although almost the same lengh as the album cut, differs from it, the opening ("welcome to the radio show...) being this of the 12" mix.

7" Singles
"Young, Free and Single" - 4:18 / "Blue Beach" (Farian) - 4:00 (Hansa 107 604-100, Germany)
"Young, Free and Single" - 4:18 / "Chica da Silva" (Farian, Reyam, Courage) - 4:35 (Carrere, UK)

12" Singles
"Young, Free and Single" (Club Mix) - 8:08 / "Blue Beach" - 4:00 (Hansa 601 839-213, Germany)
"Young, Free and Single" (Edited Club Mix) - 7:45 / "Blue Beach" - 4:00 (Ariola F-601 839, Spain)

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