martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009


In 1996, No Mercy released a romantic ballad titled "When I Die", it was the third single of the first album "My Promise".
"When I Die" it is little known that this song is a cover of a Milli Vanilli track from 1991, "When I Die", this time a Diane Warren-co-penned title from Farian's ill-fated Moment of Truth album by The Real Milli Vanilli (1991) and Try´N´B (1992).
It was yet another hit for the boys.
The song was released and peaked at number 41 on the US Singles Chart and number 2 on the Australian Singles Chart.
The Video was shot in Venice Italy and took 3 days to complete. It was very hard to work there because of the canals and difficulty getting arounnd. This song was song of the year in Austria in 1998.

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