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"Tic, Tic Tac" is a 1996 song recorded by Brazilian band Carrapicho. Released in June 1996, it was its debut single from the album Fiesta de boï bumba, which was later certified Platinum disc in France. The song was also recorded by Chilli featuring Carrapicho about one year after the first release. Both version achieved a huge success in the countries where they were charted.

Carrapicho is a Brazilian music group. Its lead singer is Zezinho Corrêa.

Carrapicho is most known for its single "Tic, Tic Tac" which reached the top 100 best-sellers charts in several European countries, South America and Israel.

Carrapicho claims to be spreading the Amazonense culture in the world through music.

Produced by Patrick Bruel and Frank Farian, the song was sponsored by TF1 in France and became one of the major summer hits. In the music video, the band sing "Tic, Tic Tac" on a boat while performing a group choreography.

The original version even topped the chart in France for three weeks, becoming at the time one of the first two singles certified Diamond. In France, the song is to date the 98th best-selling single of all time, with about one million copies sold.

Murat Nasyrov made a Russian (parody-)version of the song, A Boy Wants to Go to Tambov (Russian: Мальчик хочет в Тамбов, Malchik Hochet v Tambov).

In late 1996, French TV host Sophie Favier covered the song in French-language with other lyrics under the title "Il me tape sur les nerfs...". Her version peaked at number 31 in France and number 16 in Belgium (Wallonia).

The track was featured on Eurotrash Series 7 Show 3.

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