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"My Cherie Amour" was a single by German band Boney M., later included in their final album Eye Dance (1985). After two German Top 20-singles, "My Chérie Amour" was only a minor success, peaking at number 55 in the German charts - the single was not released in neither Spain nor Japan. Producer Frank Farian got the idea to cover the song after Stevie Wonder had recorded in his studios in Rosbach. Like Boney M.'s previous singles, only new male member Reggie Tsiboe could be heard on the single, the backing vocals being done by studio session singers Amy & Elaine Goff.
"My Cherie Amour" is a 1969 soul classic by Motown singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder.
The song was originally recorded in 1966, but not released (it was subsequently remixed for release in 1969). Co-written by Wonder and the songwriters-producers Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy, the song was an autobiographical account by Wonder about a woman he was fascinated with while in school at the Michigan School for the Blind in Lansing, Michigan.
The song was originally written as "Oh My Marcia" but Moy told Stevie to change the name from Marcia to cherie amour. The song became a number 4 hit on both the Billboard pop and R&B singles charts in 1969.

7" Single
"My Chérie Amour" - 4:00 / "Sample City" (Farian) - 4:00 (Hansa 107 350-100, Germany)

12" Single
"My Chérie Amour" - 8:51 / "Sample City" - 4:15 (Hansa 601 686-213, Germany)
"My Chérie Amour" (12" edit) - 8:30 / "Sample City" - 4:15 (Ariola 02.601686.27, Portugal)

The B-side "Sample City" was sung entirely by Frank Farian and was written on the chords of I Can't Stand the Rain.

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