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"Kalimba de Luna" is a 1984 single by Italian Tony Esposito, which was instantly covered by pop group Boney M. for the German market, giving the group their first Top 20 hit in three years, peaking at #17. An edit of the single was also added to new pressings of the group's current album Ten Thousand Lightyears and the compilation album Kalimba de Luna - 16 Happy Songs. With lead vocals by new group member Reggie Tsiboe, the original idea was to release it as a solo single, and a video was shot with Reggie only before the plans were changed to release it as a Boney M. single, and a new video with the group was done. Neither Liz Mitchell nor Marcia Barrett sang on this recording - the backing vocals were done by producer Frank Farian, Amy & Elaine Goff, and vocal group La Mama (Patricia Shockley, Madeleine Davis and Judy Cheeks).

7" Single
"Kalimba de Luna" - 4:31 / "10.000 Lightyears" (Kawohl, Björklund, Farian, Bischof) - 4:29 (Hansa 106 760-100, Germany)

12" Single
"Kalimba de Luna" (Club Mix) 7:07 / "10.000 Lightyears" - 4:29 (Hansa 601 470-213, Germany)
"Kalimba de Luna" (US Club Mix) 9:15 / "Kalimba de Luna" (Dub Mix) - 6:40 (Hansa 601 532-213, Germany)
Note : This single is the first which does not have the name "Boney M." written with the logo created eight years before for the "Daddy cool" single (the only previous exception being the "Baby do you wanna bump" single, which went out before the group even existed)

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