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"Happy Song" is an Italian 1983 hit single by Baby's Gang. The single became a European hit single when covered by German band Boney M. the following year.
After Boney M.'s return to the charts with a cover of Italian hit Kalimba de Luna, producer Frank Farian rushed back into the studio to cover another Italian hit single. He invited Boney M.'s original dancer Bobby Farrell to join the group along a group of kids, credited as The School Rebels who did the lead vocals together with Reggie Tsiboe. While Bobby Farrell did a rap, original singers Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett did not participate in the recording. Session vocalists La Mama (Patricia Shockley, Madeleine Davis and Judy Cheeks) did the additional female vocals. The single gave the group their final German Top 10 hit single (number 7), their first in nearly four years.

7" Single
"Happy Song" - 4:18 / "School's Out" (Vocal version) (Farian, Kawohl, Reuter) - 3:15 (Hansa 106 909-100, Germany)

12" Single
"Happy Song" (Club Mix) 8:30 / "School's Out" (Instr.) - 3:04 (Hansa 601 555-213, Germany)

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