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"Baby Do You Wanna Bump" is a song recorded by German record producer Frank Farian under the name Boney M. and included on the 1976 album Take The Heat Off Me. It was the first Boney M. single and a minor hit in the Netherlands and Belgium, which prompted Farian to create a proper group to promote his studio project. In the United Kingdom the single was released by label Creole Records but went unnoticed.

"Baby Do You Wanna Bump" was written by Frank Farian under the pseudonym Zambi, with Farian himself doing the deep male lead vocal as well as the high falsetto backing vocals. When the song was included on the album Take The Heat Off Me Farian joined the A and B-sides of the original single (Parts I & II) and created an extended album version with overdubbed vocals by group members Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett.

The track was not included on the UK, US, Brazilian and Japanese versions of the debut album since the recording was still licensed to Creole Records and was replaced by "Help Help", a Frank Farian composition previously issued by German singer Gilla.

When Boney M. topped the charts in 1978 with "Rivers of Babylon" and "Brown Girl In The Ring" Creole Records re-issued "Baby Do You Wanna Bump" as a 12" single in the UK.The running time of the 7" and 12" single were the same 3:40 part 1 and 3:00 for part two (though the Germany released 7" had a slightly longer B side part 2 with 3:13

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